Grief, Loss and Trauma Counseling

I also specialize in the area of grief, loss and trauma. My work in this area is informed by research and experience, but also my own personal experience with tragic loss. A loss of any kind can be traumatic whether it happens suddenly or over time, and whether it involves the loss of a loved one, a break up, an accident, sickness, or assault. You are likely experiencing a range of strong emotions from deep sadness, to anger, to guilt or even numbness. Whether you are struggling with the loss of a significant relationship in your life, or the experience of a traumatic life event, the goal of our work will be to help you begin to heal and to grow through the loss or adversity you experienced.

My approach to grief counseling is to support you in working through the phases of grief and to offer you some practical ways to live with your loss. In our therapy sessions, I will provide you with skills to help you engage with the grief process. My goal is for you to heal in a healthy manner and grow through your experience. I will help empower you to make meaning from your experience and ultimately help you to help yourself.

Additionally, I encourage you to visit the Counseling Resources page on this site. I have volunteered as a Grief and Loss consultant for the non-profit organization Hold the Door for Others, Inc. since 2004 and have provided you with a link to the resources created by the Hold the Door team.